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Welcome to Kedarnath Patel Mahavidyalaya

Kedarnath Patel Mahavidyalaya was founded in 2014 with the object of imparting modern education to Rural students in a manner that will conserve their religion and culture. It is co-educational institution where boys and girls grow up together in healthy atmosphere of equality and mutual respect.
Kedarnath Patel Mahavidyalaya is reputed for its high standards in value education, good work-ethics and discipline, while maintaining the highest standards of academic and sporting excellence. This institution is growing from strength to strength and has already made its mark. This Institution aspires to mold young impressionable minds into creative individuals by sharpening their intellect and tapping their latent talent.

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"Leadership is the capacity to convert vision into reality". Inspired by this thought , dedicated to the cause of educationaI fastened the knot with Kedarnath Patel Mahavidyalaya to sow the seeds of reverence for education to furnish a good learning environment having the blend of intell

Manager's Message

There is a sense of achievement and pride that is felt when one reminisces over the past looks into the future. The school has come a long way and has witnessed a sea change year after year and kept pace with the same. Modern time are full of turbulence while progress that leads to greate

Director's Message

Every parent would like to have a child whose personality shines wherever the child goes. It is personality that is appreciated everywhere. My goal is to provide stress free education which enables children to blossom as such personalities. All of us know very well that a school is a .


Unless the vision is clear, The mission cannot be pegged; and unless the mission is pegged, The passion of action and achievement cannot be ensured.

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